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About Solar Region Skåne

Solar Region Skåne is a non-profit association dedicated to raise awareness of solar energy technologies in a balanced and professional way in order to increase interest and skills amongst different parties in the solar market and general public. The association therefore organises training, seminars, exhibitions, study visits, theme days, conferences, technology competitions, information meetings for businesses, installers and councils, education for students, and advisory and dissemination services. The association is also working at a national level for a functioning solar electricity market in Sweden and for continued support in the field of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. Solar Region Skåne is a network and knowledge centre for solar energy.

Solar Region Skåne has been started in order to increase the use of locally generated solar power and support the development of the solar energy industry. Solar Region Skåne supports the general public as well as organisations to start new solar energy initiatives and provides contacts to ensure the good management of solar energy projects. Read more about Solar Region Skåne in our brochure. For more information about Solar Region Skåne and reservations of study visits to Malmö’s solar energy plants, you are welcome to contact Anna Cornander.

Solar Region Skåne
Nordenskiöldsgatan 17
211 19 Malmö

Project manager:
Anna Cornander, Skåne Energy Agency
Tel +46-40-631 22 67